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AI Advisory

Is Your Industry on the Brink of AI Disruption?

Have you truly grasped how AI will impact your business in the next 5 years... or even in the next 12 months? These existential questions are keeping leaders across industries awake at night.
See how I can help you gain clarity and craft your AI strategy.

The truth is, the AI Era is already here transforming marketing, sales, customer interactions, operations, everything.
Early adopters will reap significant rewards, while those who wait risk falling behind.
Yet for small and mid-sized firms, navigating the complex AI landscape often feels unattainable and the risks of going it alone are too high.

Three ways I can help you and engage.

Fractional Chief AI Leadership

Gain AI Strategic Guidance Without the Overhead.
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Engage AI expert on custom projects and use cases. 
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Video Call

Book a 60 mins video consultation and get personalized advice.

Fractional Chief AI Role.

As your fractional Chief AI Officer, I provide strategic guidance to harness the power of AI to optimize your operations, unlock new revenue streams, and give you a competitive edge. Think of me as your on-demand AI Strategist and an extension of your leadership team.

With over 25 years of experience driving transformations at global organizations like Deloitte, Freddie Mac, and Teleperformance, and experience working with Salesforce as both a customer and a partner, I blend C-suite leadership with hands-on AI expertise.

As the founder of two businesses, 10X Cloud Value—a niche Salesforce consultancy—and an eCommerce venture, I understand that using AI is a game changer. You can now achieve work that used to require an entire team—better, faster, and cheaper. AI is like having a secret superpower.

I bring a unique perspective to your business from my corporate leadership experience and entrepreneurial mindset, combined with my immersion over the past two years in GenAI, to help you separate the AI noise from the real AI opportunities and challenges.

Whether superpowering your marketing and sales, optimizing operations, enhancing customer experience, or fueling innovation, leveraging AI strategically will be a key differentiator.

As your fractional Chief AI leader, I'll be your partner and advisor to define and implement the right AI strategy that propels your business into the AI Era.

How a Fractional Model Works

A fractional Chief AI Officer is essentially an AI Leadership role on a part-time or interim basis. Instead of hiring a full-time executive, you engage an experienced AI Leader to provide ongoing AI strategic guidance and oversee AI initiatives at your organization.

This fractional model allows businesses, especially smaller firms and startups, to access AI Leadership and expertise with the advantage of the flexibility of not carrying the salary burden all year.

We prefer value-based pricing in combination with a minimum quarterly retainer fee for this model to secure my commitment to work with you to achieve mutually agreed business outcomes.

AI Areas of Expertise: 

  • AI Strategy and roadmap development to achieve your business goals and 10X higher value with AI.

  • AI Solutions evaluation, selection and implementation  oversight.

  • AI Change management strategy and trainings to build organizational AI fluency.

  • AI responsible practices, risk management and governance frameworks.

  • AI emerging AI trends to ensure your business stays ahead of the game.

The AI disruption is already happening.

The choice is yours to be disrupted or be the disruptor.
Let's discuss how my fractional AI Leadership can help you unlock exponential growth and optimize your business.

AI Consulting Engagements.

Gain AI expertise on short-term custom projects and use cases. 

Examples of AI consulting projects:

  • AI Solution Evaluation and Selection
  • AI Implementation
  • AI Process Automation and Optimization
  • AI Training Programs 
ChiefAIWiz AI_robot_office_consultant_optimized
"There are only two types of companies in this world. Those that are great at AI and everybody else. If you don’t know AI you are going to fail. Period. End of story. And if you are a CEO, you can’t just leave it to the tech guys.” - Mark Cuban