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Unlock the Power of ChatGPT: Guide for Newbies and Non-Techie People.

If you feel technologically challenged, this guide is just for you!. AI-proof your business and career now, don't risk being disrupted or displaced by AI!.
Discover 5 most practical use cases ChatGPT can help you with NOW:
👉 Researching
👉 Creative Writing
👉 Summarizing
👉 Conversational Capabilities
👉 Bonus: Fun use cases!
  • Created by an AI geek with obsessive hands-on experience using ChatGPT and all main AI tools, Entrepreneur and experienced Advisor in digital transfomations and Salesforce!.
  • Feel more comfortable with AI and understand why do you need to start using it now.
  • Gain a free AI Assistant to help you with everyday tasks, getting smarter and better every day.
  • This fun and easy-to-digest guide includes videos and pairs well with a glass of 🍷.
  • Duration: 1 hour